Volunteer Opportunities

Our Volunteers Are VIPs (Very Important People)!

Together, we help to put the GREAT in St. Gregory the Great Catholic School!

Annual Family Volunteer Hour Requirements

●      Ten (10) Hours plus two (2) bingo nights
●      Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends can earn hours for your family.
●      Families can opt out of these requirements by paying a fee. Please contact our bookkeeper in the Business Office for more information.

Volunteers working with the children must submit the following documents to the Main Office. If you work Bingo, this information is not needed.

Diocese of Richmond Volunteer Application ScreeningONE Form

●      Please send your payment of $3.75 (cash or check payable to SGGS) for processing this form to the office.

Diocesan Safe Environment Regulation Form
●      Complete this form after reading the Handbook.

VIRTUS training
●      Here you will find training dates and locations that are convenient for you. For more information about VIRTUS training, contact Cheryl Delatte or by calling the Main Office.

Thank you for your cooperation with these procedures to help us ensure the safety of our students.

Recording Family Volunteer Hours

Each family is responsible to record and log their volunteer hours, with the exception of Bingo, which will be recorded for you. After working more than 2 Bingos, they will count toward your volunteer hours. All volunteer hours are tracked and monitored on a computer located in the Main Office. You are welcome to stop by anytime during the school day to enter your hours. If you are unable to visit the Main Office, feel free to email Mary O'Neill  or the Main Office and we will happy to enter your volunteer hours. Volunteer hours must be completed and logged in by May 1st. Failure to do so will result in a $300 additional charge per family.

Bingo Sign-Up

Safe Environment
The link to Child Protection/Safe Environment is: .

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