Adrienne and I chose Catholic school, and St. Gregory’s, in particular, for the Phelps twins for three reasons. 1.) We believe in the seamless interweaving of Catholic religious education with traditional elementary school subjects. 2.) We want Delaney and Harrison to continue being instructed in Catholic religious and moral values. 3.) Our research into Norfolk/Virginia Beach options and reference checks revealed excellent choices with St. Gregory’s having an edge. We have not been disappointed.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Adrienne Phelps

It has been such a gift to send our three children to Catholic School. We chose St. Gregory the Great School because we know our children are receiving spiritual guidance throughout their day, not just as they are studying from their religion curriculum. They are immersed in the teaching of Christ, whether they be in the classroom, the playground, the cafeteria, or in the gym. As they interact with their peers, their teachers, and other members of the staff and administration, they are not only permitted but ENCOURAGED, to proudly apply their Catholic values and beliefs. Because of their Catholic education, our children freely express their devotion to our Lord and we know that the seeds of His love have been firmly planted.
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan and Jeanette Boze

Whether or not you are family new to the Hampton Roads area or a life-long resident, St. Gregory the Great Catholic School and Parish will welcome you with open arms.  We have four children enrolled in the school from 1st Grade through 8th Grade.  Nowhere else will you find the perfect combination of rigorous academic preparation, spiritual and religious training, as well as a wonderful faith-filled community.  My wife and I have met some of our very best friends through the school and through our children's friendships.  We have had many opportunities to have our children attend other schools and we wouldn't think of entrusting their day to day academic and spiritual care to anyone else.
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew and Karen Hamel

We have been a part of the SGGS community since 1999, having a son who attended and graduated in 2008, and presently a daughter who is in the 8th grade. We love SGGS because our children gain a sense of religious community as well as being a part of a caring, supportive school setting. Our children get a superior education in a strong, ethical learning environment.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence and Beth Colorito 

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